Travel Beyond Group Celebrating 20 Years

Conference & Supplier Expo

A Dallas Cowboy Welcome


What best way to enjoy a 5-day program in Singapore than beginning with panoramic views of Singapore, with its beautiful skyline whilst enjoying a dip in the tranquil infinity pool we are just beginning. Housing the conference in a 1930 heritage building that includes the magnificent iconic Forest of Lights in a glorious ballroom that no doubt was unforgettable for an indoor venue.

The Event Directors worked tirelessly to put together this amazing event with 3 full days conference, 2 days workshops with 6 breakouts, parallel board meetings, 3 networking social dinners and delegate activities.

Fun does not stop there, they were ready to enjoy the sights, soaking in the blanket of golden sunshine and unparalleled views with an amazing viewing gallery with the best 360 view in Singapore which included a gastronomic dining experiences & nightlife experience, the group was ready to party. After guests enjoyed a study tour across Singapore, we then brought the families together to enjoy a cocktail party serving a sumptuous blend of Indochinese and Western cuisines. They enjoyed chilling out at the alfresco rooftop bar of the Supertree and in the fully air-conditioned lounge, it’s the perfect place to soak in stunning, unobstructed views of nature’s best on one side and Singapore’s iconic cityscape on the other.

The best part of it all was seeing the smiling faces of the delegates completely caught by surprise.